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Since 2010, The Man From RavCon (aka, Mike Brown), has been creating adventurous, atmospheric instrumental music featuring Mellotron enriched arrangements accentuated by piano and organ, interweaving synths, bass, dynamic percussion, and melodic guitar. Blending influences of 70’s classic FM album rock (Stones, Kraftwerk, Steely Dan, Supertramp) with a melodic prog flavor, The Man From RavCon’s ninth release, Another World, may be considered a somewhat more accessible work than his most recent offerings, but is no less adventurous in scope. With contributions from special guests, guitarist Larry Smith, and flutist Jeff Eacho, Another World features a more lighthearted, breezy vibe making it the perfect soundtrack for Summer 2018 and beyond. View official press release for Another World Here.


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Reviews of Another World

Another World actually opens the doors of another world, a world that’s simple and unpretentious, where the reunion with classical sounds can get back in phase with the most natural elements of what is the strength of music : the melody.

François Becquart, Music In Belgium



Another World creeps up on you and sneaks in through your mind’s backdoor to pull you into a trance.

Ian Jane, Rock Shock Pop



A kaleidoscope of sounds that swirl and whirl like you wouldn’t believe. Crazy stuff for crazy times, the vocabulary of prog is expanded in so many directions here that it’s almost hard to fathom.

Chris Spector – Midwest Record



The Man from RavCon knows how to write some accessible melody lines and he works those into some very groove-laden patterns… I found myself liking it more and more with each listen.

Progressive Rock Files,



I think it’s very beautiful.

Door Rinco Ennema, Rock Affairs



I was amazed by how well this album was written, recorded, performed and produced.

Bob Levoy – Oasis Entertainment



Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,



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